Current Urgent Needs – Updated April 28, 2020:
Sleeping Bags
30-Gallon Trash Bags
Breakfast Foods (see list below)
Simple Green Cleaning Solution
Volunteers to Serve Meals
Organizations to Volunteer to Bring Dinner
Find Out How to Volunteer

Our breakfast program is run on donations only.

Prado Breakfast Items Needed:
Breakfast Cereal
Instant Oatmeal
Tea, Coffee and Coffee Creamer
Dried Fruit – Raisins
Energy Bars
Trail Mix or Nuts in Small Packages
Fresh Whole Milk
Paper Plates, Bowls, Coffee Cups & Plastic Utensils

Everyday Items:

Toiletry and Personal Items:
Travel Size Shampoo and Conditioner
Travel Size Body Soap or Shower Gel

White T-shirts
Men’s White Socks
New Men’s and Ladies Underwear
Sleeping Bags
Rain Poncho’s

There are many volunteer opportunities as well, such as:
Providing a Meal
Helping Prepare a Meal
Serving a Meal
Please visit

Other needs XL Backpack’s, Nail Clippers, Razors, Earplugs. Margarine/butter, fresh fruit, peanut butter, jelly/jam, paper cups, yard sized trash bags.
Thank you for your support!