Volume XII, Number 1, Winter 2021

In this newsletter:
40 Prado Homeless Services Center Update: Recently, we had a chance to sit down with Grace and get caught-up on what’s been happening at the Homeless Services Center. She began by saying that Decembers are always hectic and busy at 40 Prado, but with COVID-19, it was even more so. Unfortunately, they had quite a few people testing positive in the early part of the month, so they were all on high-alert…

A Message From the Chris Gomez, Chair: We are looking forward to a new year of good health and healing. Last year definitely brought us challenges, and even though we were sheltered and distanced, we also came together as families, friends and communities. We all discovered things like Zoom and FaceTime to keep us close, and we have grown accustomed to masks, sanitizer and gloves.

40 Prado Success Story: Steve had been living at 40 Prado for over a year, struggling to manage mental and physical health issues. A 70-year-old man with 35+ years of homelessness and limited Social Security income, Steve found it difficult to secure permanent housing that met his needs. He had accepted that he was going to be homeless for the remainder of his life and was coping with that reality…

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