Volume XIII, Number 1, Winter 2022

In this mailing:

A Message From Chris Gomez, Chair: Activity at the center steadily increased throughout the year. The most active month of the year for the Day Program was definitely December, with an average of 91.5 persons served per day, and a total of 26,700 visits for 2021...

40 Prado Services Spotlight – Warming Center: December was an exciting month for our Homeless Service Division. On top of the fun and stimulating events of the holidays, Warming Center was BUSY!!! We had 15 Warming Center nights. After several Warming Center nights in a row, we could have chosen not to open the Warming Center on Christmas Eve and Christmas, but our staff rallied and said, “We can’t possibly run the risk of having to turn someone away on these nights.”

40 Prado Success Story – A Very Special Christmas: Families staying at 40 Prado had a very special Christmas this year thanks to generous community members and a very special case manager. Throughout the month of December, 40 Prado received and abundance of toys and games for kids. These items were sorted and wrapped by one of the 40 Prado’s awesome case managers…

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