In the month of May 10 people were housed through the 40 Prado case management programs!

An example of one of the individuals that was housed is the story of John who had been living at the 40 Prado shelter for almost 2 years. John came to Prado with many challenges related to his physical health including being wheelchair bound, limited dexterity in his hands and legally blind. During his time at Prado he was able to receive quality medical care by our onsite CHC clinic. John was able to complete eye surgery so he is able to see again and was able to recuperate at Prado under the care of the onsite CHC provider.

John came across a lot of barriers when searching for housing due to his physical disabilities and him being in a wheelchair – it was difficult to find a place that could accommodate his needs. John also faced the challenge of finding a place that was affordable for him as he only receives social security income, which in most cases is not enough to rent a place in this county. John began working with the case management program at Prado and started saving his money every month. He received help from his case manager with obtaining a Section 8 voucher to make housing more affordable for him and ultimately found a place to call home. Fortunately, a positive relationship with Villa Paseo Palms 55 and over community in Paso Robles allowed for John to obtain housing that could accommodate his physical disabilities as well as accept his Section 8 voucher and make the housing affordable for him. After almost 2 years of living at the shelter, John is now housed in a safe and comfortable place of his own.

Just a few of our folks who have been housed!