A 62 year old male entered homeless services on March 2019. Shortly after his arrival, it came to staffs’ attention that the participant was struggling with significant substance use issues. Participant was subsequently screened for the SLO-HUB program and entered SLO-HUB in August 2019. Only a month later and through the concentrated efforts of the SLO-HUB integrated treatment team, the participant was housed – with the 70 NOW housing program in Atascadero. The participant has utilized the psychotherapy component within the SLO-HUB program and continues to fortify his social-emotional life-skills which have in turn provided space for him to thrive instead of merely survive. This same participant has remained clean and sober through several very difficult events that have occurred within the past two months. Additionally, this participant has become very active in the Alcoholics Anonymous program and has reignited his passion for music and performing arts. Finally, it is also important to acknowledge that this participant has actively begun a 501c3 in an effort to give back to his community and this in turn has also added to fortify his sense of purpose in his recovery and also his life, moving forward.