40 Prado has seen a steadily growing number of seniors (over age 65) over the last 6 months.  Most of these individuals have less than $1,000 in monthly income and are becoming increasingly frail.  

In July, the CEO of the Atascadero Christian Home visited 40 Prado – she was so affected by the number of elderly participants and their stories that she committed to accepting 3 participants, regardless of their income!  Over the next two weeks staff identified the most appropriate participants, took them to visit the Home, arranged for their medical clearances, and worked with them on making the shift from homeless to housed.  Two women (one whose monthly income was $646 and the other whose income was $948) and one gentleman (whose income was $1,100) were housed by mid-August.  They were so happy to have a safe, clean place to live with all their food and expenses taken care of.  One of the women left 40 Prado crying tears of joy because she had become homeless after her husband died and she had no idea how she would survive.  It’s these kinds of stories that warm the staff’s hearts!