County and City of San Luis Obispo Reinstate Safe Parking Program

The County of San Luis Obispo and the City of San Luis Obispo, in partnership with CAPSLO, has expanded the 40 Prado safe parking program. The program provides homeless individuals seeking services leading to permanent housing with a safe place to park their vehicle and access to case management and essential services during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

“This program offers an added opportunity to work towards economic self-sufficiency, while having a safe location to park,” said Wade Horton, County Administrative Officer. “We have a great relationship with CAPSLO and the city and are glad that together we could find a solution to help keep these individuals safe as we deal with the effects of COVID-19.”

In addition to housing case management, participants will have access to all 40 Prado services including meals, showers, laundry, kennels, access to on-site Community Health Centers (CHC) medical services, and on-site mental health therapy (provided by County Behavioral Health). CAPSLO is a low-barrier shelter. CAPSLO staff will monitor the site and will be available for urgent matters.

“People who are not fortunate enough to have a home need a safe harbor and access to services as we all face the ongoing challenges of COVID-19,” said Derek Johnson, City Manager. “By expanding safe parking with 40 Prado, we are able to provide more wraparound services for these individuals.”

The County first began offering general safe parking programs in March to provide homeless individuals and families with access to safe, clean spaces to park and sleep overnight. Those programs concluded at the end of June. The expanded program at CAPSLO will run through December 31, 2020.

For updates on COVID-19 in SLO County, visit or call the recorded Public Health Information Line at (805) 788-2903. A staffed phone assistance center at (805) 543-2444 is available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to assist with COVID-19 questions.

For more information from the City’s response to COVID-19, please visit The City is committed to keeping our community informed.

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40 Prado Safe Parking Program FAQ

Questions? Contact Sofi Mundschau at (805) 458-2984

1. Program Hours: There aren’t “hours”. The person can park their car 24/7.

2. What time do I need to show up? If someone is interested in participating they need to call the Lead Housing Case Manager, Sofi Mundschau at (805) 458-2984 first to arrange for an assessment. Once they are accepted into the program they just need to check in daily if they are going to come in for any services.

3. What are the program requirements? Must be willing to be in case management with the goal to obtain permanent housing. The individual would need to meet, at minimum, weekly with the case manager, begin a savings plan at a bank of their choosing and/or work on obtaining a housing voucher. Must be an in-county resident with proof of in-county residency for the last one year period. Proof of insurance/registration is not necessary immediately but if they are accepted into the program they would need to work with the case manager to obtain registration/insurance within a certain timeframe. Read and sign the behavior agreement. 40 Prado is low-barrier but all participants must be respectful of their neighbors. Cars and small RV’s are allowed.

4. If I don’t have a car, is there “walk-in” use of showers and bathrooms (like the nonprofit mobile shower programs in the area)? Regular day services are available to those individuals who have done an intake. Day services are from 8am – 2pm.

5. Are towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo, razors, women’s hygiene products, etc. being provided? Yes

6. Are there electrical outlets for mobile devices to be charged? Inside 40 Prado.

7. Is somebody “on site” providing supervision? Yes, and cameras monitor the parking lot 24/7.

8. What restrictions are there on “coming and going” from the site? None, although we ask that participants be respectful of other Safe Parking participants and limit after-hours comings and goings.

9. Is there power for RVs to “hook up”? No.

10. Can I run my RV generator? No. “Quiet Hours” are in place at all times.

11. My car is uncomfortable to sleep in. Can I pitch a tent near my car and sleep there? No. If someone does not want to sleep in their car then they need to check into the shelter.

12. Is this like camping? No. All your “gear” must remain inside your vehicle. That also means: no tables or chairs, no camp stove, etc. outside your vehicle.

13. What is the SPP vehicle capacity? Up to 17 spaces, until 12/31/20. After that, the capacity is 7 spaces.

14. Can I get the coronavirus from shared surfaces within the bathroom / shower? Yes, that is possible. We recommend that you wear masks and gloves while entering and leaving the shower / bathroom, practical social distancing to the extent possible while inside, and use disinfectant on all surfaces, both before and after using the facilities.

15. Are pets allowed? Yes. At all times:
(1) They must stay in your vehicle, except when they are being walked on a leash.
(2) Clean up after your pet.
(3) Pets must be kept quiet.
(4) They can never be left with anyone else.
(5) If the participant gets a job or goes to school their pet can be left in the kennel while they are working/in school. The participant is responsible for keeping the kennel clean, with fresh water and food.

16. Do pets require current tags and vaccinations? They must show proof of rabies vaccination.