40 Prado Day Center

The Day program continued to serve higher-than-typical numbers of unduplicated participants, with December having 383 unduplicated participants and 348 households. The total persons served was also higher-than-typical, with a total of 3,791 person days (over 122 people/day, which is a 2019 high). The Center also hosted more children than usual, with an average of 6.2 children/day, with 18 unduplicated children for a total of 191 person days.

People’s Kitchen served hot lunch to an average of over 79 persons/day and a total of 2,443 meals served.  The breakfast program had more unduplicated participants than typical for 2019, with 251 (2019 average was 236) receiving 2,303 meals. 

40 Prado Night Shelter

The Night program had the number of bed nights typical for 2019, with 3,086 bed nights (an average of 100 persons per night). The number of unduplicated participants was slightly below the 2019 average, with 203 unduplicated participants from 176 households.

The number of unduplicated children was 18, just below the 2019 average of 20. Those children used 367 bed nights, for an average of 11.8 children per night, which is well above the 2019 average.

Due to an effort by staff to give turned-away participants more time to make other arrangements, unduplicated Diner and Dashers continued at much lower levels than 2019 averages, with 22 individuals from 21 households. Those participants received 26 meals, also well below the 2019 average of 104 meals/month. Dinners served, including Diners and Dashers, was 3,119.  

Warming Center

There were 13 Warming Center nights, with a total of 89 unduplicated individuals utilizing 217 bed nights. These numbers are typical of those months with Warming Center.  

Safe Parking Program

The Safe Parking program had 165 parking nights with a total of 7 participants. There are currently 5 participants in the Safe Parking Program.