Volume XI, Number 2, Spring 2020
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Thank You Friends: We hope that this finds you well and healthy. We are aware that the past few months have brought uncertain times for the entire world and that the stress and strain has reached us here on the Central Coast as well. However, we would like to recognize the amazing generosity that has been shown by our compassionate donors and community. We greatly appreciate the donations that have been coming in…

How You Can Help: Many of the functions at 40 Prado are performed by volunteers, especially meal service. While it is important for everyone to take health precautions at this time, it is especially vital for those over 65. Since many of the volunteers fall into this age range, 40 Prado could definitely use some helping hands! Please note that 40 Prado is very carefully following all guidelines set-forth by CDC and the State of California and is working with on site partner CHC to ensure that everyone remains healthy and safe…

CHC is Here: One of the things that makes 40 Prado unique is that there are so many services under one roof. Having Community Health Center nurses on-site has been such a blessing to all. In addition to seeing their regular patients, they perform daily health screenings for employees and volunteers to ensure the safety of everyone on-site…

A COVID-19 Success Story: A young man in his 20’s showed up at the door during the week of March 16th, as the COVID-19 virus was beginning to grip the community. He was from Southern CA and had never been to 40 Prado but someone told him he could come to take a shower and do his laundry. He was clearly exhausted. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions at 40 Prado, staff could not let him in but directed him to go around to the back so that they could talk more with him, give him some food, clothes and a sleeping bag, directions to the local laundry facilities in town and let him know other options for him…

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