Success Stories

Donald’s Story

Donald had been homeless since 2018 and came to 40 Prado after living on the streets in Atascadero. After consistently using services offered by Prado for about a year, he started working with a housing case manager and was able to gain access to his Social Security Retirement Income. His case manager also introduced him …

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Jackson is Saved!

Jackson is Saved! Efrain and his canine friend Jackson came to 40 Prado together.  It was clear from the start that they are constant companions. Jackson even accompanies Efrain to the construction site where he works. Recently, Efrain became worried when Jackson stopped eating and began showing other signs of illness. They went to an emergency …

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“Efrain” came to the Recuperative Care Program after a partial foot amputation as a result of uncontrolled diabetes. His recuperation period was only anticipated to be approximately 2 weeks. He and RCP staff were challenged by a very long, prolonged healing process due to multiple infections that occurred, despite many changes in medication and almost …

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Never Give Up

His “previous life” involved drugs, gang activity and several arrests, which ended up with him spending time in prison.  Once in prison he turned his life around and came out determined to make some changes.  He came to 40 Prado in February and was able to find an employer willing to see beyond his past.  …

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